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Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities @ Hille

Catch-Up Club – begins after Labor Day – ROOM A8

Grades 6, 7, 8


Tuesday Advisors: Ms. Heilbrunn ( / Ms. Schultz (

Thursday Advisors: Mrs. Voris ( / Mr. Brenner (


“Catch-Up Club” (CUC) is an after-school homework assistance program at Hille Middle School.  This program provides additional support to families as we work to instill the values of personal responsibility and self-advocacy in the students at Hille.  The purpose for this program is to provide an educational atmosphere for students to complete their work.  The program is run in a “team study” style, which means that students will be working independently on individual assignments in a supportive environment.

We want to encourage all students to develop good work habits, and this program provides another opportunity to do so.  New for the 2016-17 school year, Catch-Up Club will take place two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:25 to 4:00 PM in Room A8 (Health Room).  The Computer Lab (A9) will also be available for students who need to utilize technology to complete assignments.

There are two ways that students can participate in the program:

(1) The first is by making the decision on your own to stay after school to complete work.  In cases such as these, students should make arrangements to let parents know they have decided to stay in order to complete work. Parents who wish to give a “standing permission” have that option as well.  You can give standing permission by indicating that preference in the space provided on page 2 (Catch-Up_Club_Info_2016-17 ) and returning that portion to the Hille Main Office.

(2) The second way a student can utilize CUC is to be referred by a teacher.  When this happens, the teacher will give the student a “Catch-Up Club Ticket”.  This ticket will have specific assignments written on it, and will serve as the student’s pass into CUC.  The student would come each day after school until all assignments on the pass are completed and the teacher has signed an approval that the assignments have been handed in.  It is the expectation that students being issued a ticket to Catch-Up Club will attend on that day.  Same as before, students are responsible for notifying parents that they have been assigned to stay after school.  Parents should expect a follow-up email from the teacher issuing the ticket within 24 hours.  (If a student or family has specific circumstances that prohibit the student from staying to complete the work, please contact the teacher to make alternate arrangements for the work to be completed.  We want to assure that all students have access to this support.)  The primary message to students is that homework is a priority and a responsibility.  We will support students to develop independence in work completion in whatever way we can, but we need the support of parents and families in order to make this program a success.

Transportation from Catch-Up Club will work as follows.  Students who are “walkers” would walk home at 4:00 PM.  Students who are bus riders may take the activity bus home at 4:05 PM.  (As a reminder, students who are walkers may NOT ride the activity bus.)  If parents would like to pick-up students, they may do so, just as they would at the end of the regular school day.

Catch-Up Club Expectations for Students:

  • All students will line up outside Room A8 and wait for the CUC Supervisor(s) to arrive.
  • If students need to call home, they will do so before entering – cell phone use is not allowed during Catch-Up Club.
  • When entering, the students will be assigned a specific workstation to stay at for the duration of CUC, depending on the type of work they need to complete.
  • Students will be required to have an “Agenda” of the work they will be completing while staying after school.  If a teacher assigns the students, this agenda will already be filled out for them.  If the students choose to come on their own, they will fill out an agenda on a slip provided to them.
  • If students need to use a computer, they should inform the CUC Supervisor(s) at this time.
  • While attending CUC, students will be subject to the rules and expectations of Hille Middle School.

REMINDER: Students, whether assigned or attending voluntarily, will be required to stay until 4:00 PM.

However, we realize that certain situations do come up where a student may need to leave early.  In these cases, we ask that parents/guardians provide a note to the CUC Supervisor(s) or phone the Main Office communicating what time their child needs to leave.  We want to avoid students making these phone calls during Catch-Up Club, so if your child needs to leave early, please try to communicate in advance.  Students granted permission for early dismissal must leave the Hille grounds.  No student can be on campus unsupervised after school hours.

Bowling Club

Hille Middle School will be starting up its bowling season again this year on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

Interested students will need to fill out the entry form indicating their choice of teammates up to four per team total and the Code of Conduct to participate.  These forms are available at

Student’s teams can be made up of boys/girls/mixed, as well as teammates from  all grade levels. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests.

The Hille Keglers league will take place at:
Oak Forest Bowl
15240 S. Cicero Ave.         708-687-2000

Thursday afternoons from 2:50—4:45 PM on the following dates:
Sept. 22nd and 29th
October 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th
November 3rd, 10th, and 17th
December 1st will be the last paid league day and final position round.
December 8th will be our end of the league pizza party, which includes pizza, pop, and trophies.

Bowling Club T-Shirts are available this year for purchase.
See more information on the order form on the T-Shirt link under the HOME tab.

Transportation:  Transportation will be provided to the bowling alley.  However, arrangements must be made for pick-up from the bowling alley no later than 4:30pm sharp!  If students live close enough to the bowling alley, then they may walk home with permission.

Cost:  $10.00 per week of attendance.
$ 2.00 per week of missed bowling (covers cost of awards)
This includes bus transportation, two games of bowling, and shoe rental if needed.

For further information contact:
Mrs. Udziela or 708.687.5550 x344

Homework Helpers

Grades: 6-7-8
September – April
Homework Helpers is a Hille NJHS program where students help students after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays with their homework or simply model good study skills.  We meet in the Media Center from 2:20 to 3:15 and begin the last week of September and run this program until right around spring break.

Contact person:  Mrs. Carlson & Ms. Kelly


Culture Club

Grades: 6-7-8
September – May

Advisor: Ms. Knighten

Hille Middle School is starting the highly anticipated International Club this year!
Students will attend the club once a month and will have the opportunity to learn about
cultures from all around the WORLD!

Here are some things to expect from International Club:

  • Make and eat food from different cultures and countries
  • Celebrate holidays from different countries
  • Learn about cultures from AROUND THE WORLD
  • Create cool crafts to take home and keep
  • Learn words from a new language
  • Learn cultural dances (like the Salsa, Tango, Meringue, or Pasa Doble)
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!



Grades: 7-8
Advisor:  Mrs. Carlson & Ms. Kelly
October – April

The National Junior Honor Society is one of the most prestigious national organizations for junior high students.  7th & 8th graders are selected by Faculty Council for exhibiting high standards in the five areas of scholarship, citizenship, service, leadership, and character.  Through continued academic achievement, personal growth, leadership involvement, and participation in chapter service activities, members maintain and extend the qualities for which they were selected. NJHS is a service organization.


Scrapbook Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Moisan (B4)

Grades: 6-7-8
September – April
Every other Thursday, 2:30-3:55

Open to all students who want to explore their creativity.  Bring your photos and make fun scrapbook pages!  Basic scrapbook materials are made available for your use, or bring your own to share.

Do you like to take pictures and want to show them off in a creative way? Then Scrapbook Club may be the perfect club for you!

Scrapbooking is a hobby that has continued to grow in popularity for the last decade. Scrapbook Club offers students an opportunity to express themselves by incorporating pictures, memorabilia, decorative paper, stickers, and die cuts into creative scrapbook pages. Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of tools and materials and will learn and practice techniques that help them showcase their pictures. No previous experience is required…all that’s needed is a desire to express your individuality and a few photographs for each page you wish to create. Decorative paper, cardstock, page protectors, stickers, die cuts, adhesives, markers, and an assortment of scissors (regular and decorative) will be provided. Scrapbooks are not furnished for students, but page protectors will be provided that will fit into any standard 12″ by 12″ post-style album.

A $10.00 supply fee is required to cover consumable items such as paper, stickers, page protectors, and glue. Because materials are purchased on sale and in bulk, club members will have access to materials valued at a great deal more that the $10.00 fee. A full refund of the fee will be given to any student who decides to quit Scrapbook Club during the first month…after that the money will have been used to purchase materials for the club and a refund cannot be issued. Members are free to purchase their own supplies for their personal use.

The club meets approximately twice a month on Thursdays in Room E5 from 2:30 to 3:55 (allowing students ample time to catch the activity bus). A calendar will be provided at the first meeting and students will receive reminders the day before the meeting during the morning and afternoon announcements. In case a meeting has to be canceled, students will be notified as soon as possible.

Student Council


Grades: 6-7-8

Advisor:  Mrs. Michalik (Room E4)

September – May

The Jack Hille Middle School Student Council is for students who have volunteered their time to make Jack Hille the best school possible. Being in Student Council is a privilege, not a right. The students voted into the roles by their peers will be expected to show superior performance in the areas of leadership, citizenship and dedication to the betterment of Jack Hille Middle School. The goal of Student Council is to involve students in the decision making process and help them become active members in their school. This student government organization gives students a voice in determining school activities and their learning environment.  Together, students are devoted to helping promote activities for the entire student body and fostering a positive attitude throughout the school. Student Council members represent the school and its’ mission and core values. All members must respond well to school issues, collaborate to organize school wide activities with enthusiasm and spirit, and help our surrounding community.  Student Council members work with students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators to make things happen in a timely manner.


Grades: 6-7-8

Advisor:  Mrs. Ryan (Room A7)

The yearbook staff works to put together highlights of the entire school year.  Most students do buy a yearbook and being a part of the process is a great honor and carries great responsibility.  No prior experience is necessary.  The advisor stresses commitment: putting together the yearbook takes almost the entire school year. Yearbook meets most Mondays from 2:30 – 3:45 and dates will be added, especially before big deadlines.