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8th Grade Information

Class of 2019

Graduates must cooperate with the school until the final day in matters of courtesy, regular schoolwork, and respect for adults. The Chicago Trip, Graduation Dance and participation in graduation exercises is a privilege and can be denied to pupils who cannot obey rules and regulations and have not shown a willingness to correct their inappropriate behavior. Please refer to the Graduation Policy in the Student Handbook. It can also be accessed on the school website.

**The Principal and the Assistant Principal determine eligibility. Eligibility will be determined in mid May, but students must maintain proper behavior and academic requirements up to the day of all graduation events. Students can be removed from participation in any graduation activity at any time.**

Graduation Commencement Exercise Participation Criteria

The Hille Middle School teachers and administration believe that participation in the commencement exercise should be a meaningful activity that is earned by the individual student. The following criteria have been developed for commencement exercise participation. Parents will be informed following the second and third quarters if their student is at-risk of not participating in the commencement exercise. Parents will again be notified if their student is being reviewed by the Hille Middle School administration related to the commencement exercise criteria.The criteria for commencement exercise participation is as follows: Students who demonstrate and establish a pattern of continuous positive behavior, or students who demonstrate significant behavior improvements are eligible to participate in the commencement exercise. Students are expected to meet and maintain a high standard of behavior for the entire school year.

Students meeting the first criteria and earning a final passing grade in all core subjects are eligible to participate in the commencement exercise.

Students not earning a cumulative grade point average of 1.0 in all subjects are not eligible to participate in the commencement exercise and will be retained in their current grade placement. These students will be reviewed utilizing a research-based instrument, which considers student intelligence, academic achievement, history of learning disabilities, parent involvement, and other relevant criteria. The results of the review will determine appropriate placement for the ensuing school year. This review and decision will be made by the Hille Middle School administration, including parent involvement.

Students serving out-of-school suspensions running concurrent with the commencement exercise are not eligible to participate in any school activity, including the commencement exercise.

Graduation Trip – Washington D.C.
Students must be in good academic and behavioral standing in order to attend the trip to Washington D.C. Students with ten behavioral incidents throughout the school year that result in detention will not attend the trip. Any student suspended (in or out of school) during the eighth grade school year, prior to the trip, will not be able to attend the trip.

Graduation Dance
Students may not arrive or leave in a limousine. Students arriving in a limousine will not be admitted to the dance. Any student who chooses to ride home from the dance in a limousine will lose end of the year privileges. Students attending the dance must adhere to the District 142 dress and discipline code.

Graduation Ceremony
Students must wear clothing that is indicative of the importance of the ceremony. Students must wear dress shoes with their clothing.

Graduation Plans for the Class of 2019.

Listed below is some important dates, times, and general information. Please note that dates may be subject to change.

September 13th – Washington, D.C. Parent Information Meeting in the cafeteria @ 6 p.m. for 8th grade students and parents.

October 15th – Final day to turn in D.C. deposit and optional refund guarantee protection in full by 3 p.m.  NO DEPOSITS CAN BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.

October 15th – November 30th – Collection of graduation fees begin. We will accept a minimum first payment of $90.00 (1/2 of total fee due) OR total fees of $175.00. This covers all costs associated with the Chicago Trip, dance, diploma, cap & gown, graduation shirt, and other miscellaneous graduation fees. Late payments cannot be accepted. Additionally, there will be no adjustments/refunds of fees for any reason. Parents who anticipate a hardship associated with graduation fees are encouraged to contact the office as soon as possible to arrange payment options.

November 15th  – Graduation pictures: 4 poses will be taken (2 in cap and gown, 2 in dress clothes – boys wear royal blue gowns and girls wear silver gowns). All graduates will receive a class composite picture.

December 6th – Cap & Gown measurements.
March 5th through April 18th – Graduation Fees Collection of final installment of $92.50.

April 23rd – 26th  – Washington, D.C. Trip.

May 10th   – Graduation Dance at Gaelic Park from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  A permission form will be sent home to be signed and returned.

May 17th – Chicago Trip

May 31st – Graduation Ceremony starting 6:00 PM at Lincoln-Way East High School

We hope this early information will be helpful to your scheduling.