Preparations for 2020-2021 School Year (June 16, 2020)

The uniqueness of last school year was definitely filled with challenges, enough to go around for both parents and educators; but it also reminded us of just how big OUR team is. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, school leaders, and our community pulled together in an extraordinary fashion to ensure we not only taught our students, but offered them support through the difficulties of Remote Learning. It was plainly obvious, when we work together, we can accomplish anything!


As of writing this letter, clear, concise guidance from the state regarding what next school year will look like has yet to arrive. We believe this will be forthcoming, most likely at the end of this month/beginning of July. Regardless, we want to be ready, so we have assembled a group of teachers, parents, Board of Education Members, and Administrators to explore what a return to learning may look like for next year. This group, “Return to Learning,” has met and started to assemble a repository of resources for each of the possible scenarios for 2020-2021 learning, which are:

  • In Person Learning
  • Remote Learning
  • Hybrid, a combination of both


As we receive further guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Governor’s Office, we will thoroughly discuss, process, and then share it with our District parents. Please expect periodic updates throughout the summer months so that you can come along with us throughout the journey to the beginning of the next school year.


As we look ahead, as we look towards the next school year, our District theme will be “Chasing Extraordinary.” We are blessed to have a school community who will join us in this pursuit! 


Again, thank you, sincerely, for your undying support, encouragement, kindness, and partnership. Forest Ridge School District 142 wholeheartedly believes “Children Always Come First!”


Be safe, healthy, and happy. We will talk soon!