Keeping Our Kids Cyber Safe Parents Presentation

Jack Hille Middle School, will be hosting a "Keeping Our Kids Cyber Safe" presentation on March 2nd,  6:30PM - 8:15PM. 

  • All parents, guardians, Teachers and Grandparents in District 142 are welcome to attend. This presentation will be held in the Hille gym. 
  • Everyone attending should park in the back lot (North Side of the Building) and enter through Door 8. 
Detective John Bonarek of Be Sure Cyber Training is nationally recognized High Technology Cyber Crimes Specialist, will be presenting proactive strategies, expert insight, and invaluable resources designed to empower you to combat Cyberbullying and Sexting. 
This Presentation will provide important Information and Strategies on:
  • Understand cyber-crime and that “No one online is anonymous” 
  • Understand appropriate protocols when someone discloses issues of cyber-bullying, sexting, or sextortion. 
  • How to protect your kids from drug use. 
  • How to report criminal Cyber-Bullying. 
  •  Understand the dangers of many popular apps 
  • How Internet investigations are conducted using subpoenas and search warrants. 
  • Understand social media laws such as: Harassment, Cyber-Stalking and False Personation. 
  • How to empower yourself to report cyber crime and harassment. 
  • How to protect your “digital foot print” and understand what it means to your future
We really hope you will be able to make it to the Presentation.