March Community Update

Since that time, we want to thank the countless number of staff and families who altered or cancelled plans in order to comply, ensuring we kept our community as safe as possible and our schools open. Recently, there have been changes to the Cook County Guidelines and in response, Forest Ridge School District 142 will alter our procedures as well.
Non-essential travel is still not recommended. However, if staff or families travel to a “Yellow” state, post-travel quarantine is no longer necessary as long as the state remains in the yellow throughout your stay. Please continue to adhere to mask wearing and social distancing throughout your travel as a safety precaution for both self and your community here at home. 

Based on data as of February 22, 2021


Please refer to for a current/updated list of states and their transmission rates, as this information changes frequently. Forest Ridge will use the updated April 6, 2021 map for quarantine guidance and quarantines.
Travel is NOT recommended to “Orange” states. In the event an unvaccinated person travels to an orange state, or if a state becomes orange prior to your return, a 10-day quarantine post-travel is still necessary prior to returning to school.

In the event you decide to travel to an orange state and are fully vaccinated, quarantine is no longer necessary. A fully vaccinated individual is defined as:

  • two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine and not having any symptoms and maintaining strict mask wearing and social distancing


  • two weeks after one dose of a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine and not having any symptoms and maintaining strict mask wearing and social distancing 

There are no changes to quarantine or isolation guidance related to being a close contact to a positive case or for symptomatic individuals. The information provided is the best we currently have available and is subject to change.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our school district and each and every one of our learners.