Weekly COVID-19 Newsletter

The Forest Ridge School District 142 Board of Education has created a weekly COVID Newsletter with relevant information, the newest one can be found here. Previous newsletters can be found at COVID-19 Resources which also shows the numbers of positive and quarantined staff and students for the month.

To date, we have not had any known transmissions in any of our schools.

In the event your child is ill, please keep them home for the protection of our entire school community. In the event a child is sent home with a symptom, it is important that a return to school letter explicitly states that the symptom was not caused from COVID and an alternative diagnosis is required. This information will help families gather the needed information from their physicians and help students return to school when appropriate.

If you have COVID-19 related questions, you may email your questions privately to [email protected].

Finally, during this holiday season, we would like to highlight an opportunity to brighten the day of patients at Advocate Christ Hospital by participating in creating holiday cards. Patients in the hospital right now are unable to have any visitors or receive cards. For more information on how to participate, see Page 2 of the newsletter.

Thank you for partnering with Forest Ridge School District 142 in service to our students, families, and community.